Causeway in Housing

Causeway have been dealing with Housing since 1999 and can supply solutions to Housing Associations or to the Housing department of a Local Authority. Many of the Application Solutions have been developed in conjunction with Housing to meet their changing requirements and to integrate closely with Application Systems.

Our CRM solution can be used across the organisation or configured for particular areas. Our Document Management solution can be used corporately or within individual departments.

In Finance one of the main issues is dealing with invoices. Our Invoice Processing solution will scan invoices, allow addition of coding information (which can be verified against the accounts system) and route to the appropriate budget holder for on-line authorisation. Authorised invoices can be posted to the accounts system.

In Housing Management the issue is managing the flow of incoming and outgoing correspondence and other documents. Our Document Management system can scan post, import electronic documents, produce letters (integrating with Microsoft Word), send and store emails. Documents are stored electronically and filed against people and properties. References can be taken from the Housing Management system and used to index the documents to Property, Tenancy, Application and Person references. Interfaces can be provided so that the Document Management and Housing Management application can work together.

In Management where incoming post, outgoing letters, e-mails, reports and other documents can be filed securely and retrieved easily from within our Document Management system.

In Customer Services where all customer interactions from phone, visit or Web can be recorded and actioned through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and where customer satisfaction can be measured through Status Surveys and questionnaires, with capture of data directly from the form using recognition techniques and storing for subsequent analysis.