Electronic Document Management

Causeway Systems can provide solutions to those that require an electronic document filing system or to those who wish to process documents electronically.

The electronic document filing system solution provides software to index documents to a range of references, store them to disc or optical and software to retrieve and view the documents.

The Document Management system provides management and control of the flow of in-bound and outgoing correspondence and other documents. Information is captured at point of receipt, stored in the Document Management system and routed to the individual or section to deal with. Documents, received by post or handed in are scanned. Information provided verbally at front desk, one-stop-shop or via a telephone call can be captured on Electronic forms. Web forms can be imported. E-mails can be received, stored and replied to. Photographs, letters and other documents can be imported.

Where information is captured at front desk, branch or one-stop-shop by our CRM or Call Management products the documents will automatically be routed to the Document Management system.

Documents are indexed to key references which can be taken directly from core application systems. They can be identified to user defined Categories dependant on the type of work and automatically allocated to a user or work type In-tray through pre-defined rules. Users can view all documents for these references. The system can be integrated with a variety of different core application systems. Responses can be sent by letter, produced through integration with Microsoft Word, or by e-mail. Address information can be directly retrieved from the core application files. All activities are date and time stamped and logged to a database from which comprehensive volume and performance reports can be produced.