Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a method through which organisations can improve contact with their customers and increase profitability. The key function of CRM is to provide Customer Services staff with the tools and information necessary to enable them to carry out their designated role and answer the customer query as quickly and effectively as possible.

To do this Customer Services staff may require access to previous customer correspondence held in the customer 'file', access to previous customer calls, access to information to assist with resolution of queries and the ability to capture information electronically. In addition there may be a requirement for scripts to assist with the capture of information or to explain a service or product. Queries that cannot be resolved by Customer Services staff need to be quickly routed to specialist back office staff for resolution.

Information on the number and type of calls and the time taken to resolve them enables the organisation to get a better picture of how it deals with its customers and ways that the service can be improved.

Whilst there are many CRM systems on the market these do not always integrate easily with current departmental systems. Causeway have developed a customer oriented system designed to access all information related to a customer query from the relevant department without the need to duplicate this information within the customer system. Information captured at the point of contact, with details of actions already undertaken, can be directed immediately to the relevant department for action saving time and duplication of effort.

Causeway can provide interfaces to allow your Web service to integrate with our CRM and EDRMS systems. This will enable customers to view documents and to check on the progress of applications and enquiries.

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