To facilitate the bulk scanning, verification and storage of documents as images Causeway Systems provide ICS Imaging. A wide range of scanners are supported allowing us to select the scanner most appropriate to your needs and environment.

Information can be taken from scanned images and interpreted. Bar-codes can be read as documents are scanned and used to identify form types and customer references. Recognition engines are available for OMR - Optical Mark Reading, OCR - Optical Character Recognition and ICR - Intelligent Character Recognition. The OMR engine will interpret tick boxes. OCR will convert printed characters from the image into text and ICR will convert hand written characters into text.

Verified images are stored on hard disc to allow for fast access. Where documents are required to be retained for some time they can be automatically archived to optical disc and stored in an optical jukebox. Optical discs can be copied and stored off-site as part of your Disaster Standby Plans.

Images can be indexed and viewed as part of a ‘simple’ scan and store application. Alternatively, they can be processed through our document management system.

A scanning facility is also provided within our Document Management System for individual scanning of small numbers of documents.