User Views

“We were looking to improve this area for some time but until we talked with Causeway Systems we had not come up with a satisfactory solution.”  Head of IT, Local Authority

“When the idea of Document Image Processing was first floated I felt it was far beyond our means with high costs making it very difficult to justify. By taking a phased approach we have been able to spread our costs and show real benefits at each stage. As a result we have increased productivity, reduced our costs and improved the quality of what we do.” Head of Revenues & Benefits, Local Authority

“The Document Management system enables swift and accurate monitoring of correspondence levels and turn-round times. This ensures that standards can be maintained if targets have been set for response either by full reply or acknowledgement. It can also be used efficiently and effectively as a management tool to highlight potential backlog situations as they start to occur allowing work allocation to be redistributed if other areas are not as pressured.” Senior Revenues Officer, Local Authority

“The Causeway system has really helped staff to deal with correspondence and improve our customer service.” Head of Housing, Local Authority

“Installation was prompt and the system has been well received by users.” Director of Finance, NHS

“The flexibility of the Causeway EDRMS allowed remote staff to access the system and process work.” Revenues and Benefits Manager, Local Authority